24 Hours for World Peace

ON 1st JANUARY, 2014, THE INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION of L’ARCHE, the sister organization of Intercordia, IS PARTICIPATING IN THE ACTION entitled “24 Hours for World Peace”

L’Arche International has designed 5 “Thumbnails” to be broadcast on the internet for the Campaign called 24 Hours for World Peace*.

On view will be 5 portraits of members of L’Arche welcomed with a disability (America, Europe, India, Africa, and the Middle East) and 5 “pearls of wisdom” on the art of reflecting difference, under the generic title, “Words of dignity.”

These 5 vignettes are accompanied by the press release below.

Thank you for passing on this campaign (in both English and French) before 1 January, to your media contacts, and through your community and personal networks, to maximize the impact on that particular day as well as the days that follow. Feel free to use these “thumbnails” on your website and on your social networks.

Upon request, we can send you the digital files if you want to translate them into your language, in order to facilitate their wider dissemination.

In additionL’Arche Canada is also participating in the “24 Hours for World Peace” by showcasing the talents of people with intellectual disabilities as peacemakers.

Finally, in order to participate on an individual basis, and be informed of all the details, enter your email address on the site “24 hours for Peace”:

http://24hpourlapaix.org  / http://24hoursforworldpeace.org


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