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Host families announcing the mission of Intercordia to the students!

As we sat in the community center of a small, rural village – Bujuco Aplastado – the community gathered to welcome the 2 intercordians wh…o had come to live with them. We listened to speeches from members of the community and the host families.

I realized that it was them announcing the mission of Intercordia – they talked about their desire for a summer of mutual leaning, about the value that they placed, as an economically poor and marginalized comminty, in a far away rural area, on the importance that these 2 students from the North had choosen to come and learn from THEM. That there was value in this experience.

Then there was the warm and overflowing hospitality of a meal shared together – SANCOCHO – a stew prepared only for special occasions. The community had taken up a collection, going from home to home to raise the funds to buy the meats, vegetables and rice.

What a GIFT these intercordians are receiving, to live in a community so rich in many ways – united, hardworking and struggling together for justice, economic justice, ecological justice and social justice. They have opened their arms to two new members from Canada, willing to teach them of this struggle!

– Jessica, Mentor in the Dominican Republic

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