Blogging from Ecuador!

Blog Post from ECUADOR!

It is hard to believe that it has been more than four weeks since nine Intercordians arrived here in Ecuador! The group has had two chances to come together to reflect on the challenges and successes of living in a completely new environment. This has given them a chance to share and learn but also to support one another in their individual experiences. 

While the students are finding aspects of the program challenging, from the other side of things there is only pride. Each host family that I have talked to has shared their pride in their newest family members. They are proud of these young Canadians for choosing to leave their own families and friends behind to come and live with them, they are proud of their efforts to learn Spanish (and sometimes Kichwa) in order to better communicate, and they are proud of the way each student has opened their heart and mind to an experience completely different from their life at home. 

While living in a challenging space is how we grow, it is important to recognize the importance of support and encouragement from those we have around us. Keep up the great work! 

– Sarah, mentor

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