Brigette | Carlton University | Bosnia | 2009

brigitte (1)“Intercordia showed me that you have to let the world change you before you can change the world. Living in Bosnia, I learnt that as Westerner, my impact on a community like Gornji-Vakuf Uskopje was limited – I did not know the historical and cultural context, and will never know it the way people who live there do. I learnt that instead of trying to attempt to change the ethnic tensions in GVU, I should first learn about them and try to understand them completely. I realized the power of this approach when I returned, having learnt so much from my host family and the GVU community, and therefore I had a lot to share with people here in Canada. Since returning I am attempting to take what I learnt internationally and apply it to my local community, where I know the context and can indeed make a sustainable positive contribution. For my career, I hope to work in a policy making or policy research capacity towards more just social policies in Canada, as well as Canada’s foreign policies.” 

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