Interordia: 10 years and looking forward!

10 years and looking forward

A celebration is a time to look back and be grateful as well as an opportunity to look ahead and take new risks with the knowledge gained through experience. So here we stand, preparing to celebrate ten years and do both!

Looking back there is so much to be thankful for and at the heart of it all are the many families in the host communities who opened their hearts and homes to welcome us with such freedom and generosity.  It is a crazy thing that we do……  go to a foreign land, not speak the local language, arrive at the door of a complete stranger and move in for two or three months! Yet it is host family stay that is at the heart of Intercordia and the place where the most beautiful of things most often happen. We have so much to learn from the hospitality and openness expressed by our host families. Amidst the chaos, the seeming inefficiency and the distress is the warmth and care so spontaneously given through the simplest of gestures. We go to learn to “see through the eyes of our hearts” and they see us through the eyes of their hearts. 


Swaziland 14

Joe with a host family in Swaziland

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