Krutika Patil

Krutika Patil | King’s University College | Ukraine | 2007

Ukraine 15“The Intercordia experience allowed me to increase my leadership abilities, cultural sensitivity and moral responsiveness. After having volunteered with adults with disabilities in Ukraine, my thirst for travel and cultural diversity increased. It was more than just an opportunity to help others. This experience fostered a greater understanding in me and in turn I hope to contribute to a global climate of mutual understanding and cooperation. After having expanded my perspectives about the intricacies of policy reform and the actual delivery of social development programs I took on the role of Co-Chair for the South London Neighbourhood Resource Centre.  Here, I have increased my understanding of the issues affecting children and families in our society. I hope to continue to enhance a healthy quality of life for residents of my community and the world at large. Through my volunteering, work and life experiences I have taken the first steps towards true peace by accepting and valuing people of other cultures, abilities, religions and socio-economic backgrounds. ” 

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