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Ecuador Blog Post:  August, 2014

As I look back on my summer here in Ecuador what stands out for me is the host families.

To know that individual Ecuadorians have taken it upon themselves to share their home and their family with students from Canada shows both their warm hearts and their commitment to the culture and tradition. Every host family I had the pleasure of meeting always asked after the Canadian student they were hosting: are they happy, do they like the food, what do they think about Ecuador? And I had the pleasure of always answering in the same way: they are extremely happy, the food is great, they love their experience in Ecuador.

From the first meeting when these families waited nervously in small city squares to meet their newest family members, to the last days when Chris’s host family, for example, was offering to hide him in the shed so that he could stay with them forever, each family cared deeply about the Intercordians, but also about the program itself. I know we are all humbled when someone comes to learn about our culture and tradition, but here there is something more that I can’t quite put my finger on. A level of pride perhaps that makes the willingness to share that much more apparent and genuine.

I know that for me, the experience with Intercordia was enriched by meeting these families and understanding their motives for hosting, and I hope that for the Intercordians that are now back home in Canada, these are the faces of people they will carry in their hearts forever.

Thank you for an amazing summer!
– Sarah, mentor


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