Lauren | Mentor | Swaziland | 2009

Gcebile_and_Me_thumb“One of the most important things I learned from my Intercordia experience was about connecting with people across difference. I was surrounded by people who on the surface appeared very different than me; we had different cultures, economic means, values, different senses of humour even. Intercordia gave me the opportunity to recognize how my judgments and fear of the differences in other people were actually greater barriers than the differences themselves. When I allowed myself to be open to a new relationship with another person, I discovered how our common humanity connected us. Our shared experiences of joy and sorrow, hope and fear brought us together, and our differences created a possibility for learning and growth.  I have carried this with me and try to remember it with each person that I meet, especially those whom I immediately place judgments upon. I take a deep breath and remind myself they are a human being, just like me. “

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