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Settling in.
The Intercordians here in Gisenyi, Rwanda are nearing the half way point of their journey. As we reach this mark, I am reminded of the first days, the day our jeep broke down on the way to The Ubumwe Community Center, waiting for help in the middle of the hills with passerby mumbling Kinyarwandan and the word ‘muzungu’ to us. We drove into the Ubumwe Community Center and unloaded our bags where all our host families were waiting. We were greeted with open arms and contagious smiles. At that moment, none of us would know how the next months would unfold. 
After the first month, we stand here having the practicals of daily living down. We know our route to the Ubumwe Community Center, where to find a cold coke and ice cream in town, where there is fast internet, we got Kinyarwandan greetings and phrases down, bucket showers aren’t so daunting anymore, and we’re embracing beans and rice. We’ve settled in.
Practicals aside, we enter into another phase of this chapter. At this time we ask the harder questions; the questions that will challenge us to live this experience deeper. On Sunday June 15, we are meeting for our Reflection Day to ask each other these questions. How do we move into a place of mindfully living Intercordia? How do we tap into the richness of this culture? How do we become aware of ourselves in this journey? 
I am looking forward to meeting with the Intercoridans to unravel the past weeks, think about the present and discuss how to journey forward, mindful of the mission of Intercordia. 
From the beautiful hills of Rwanda,
Marian, mentor
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