NEW Intercordia placement in Eastern Europe!

We are excited to share the BIG news that we have a new partnerhsip with an organization in Belgrade, SERBIA!  We will send one intercordian to live and work alongside them this summer! The organization is called KREATIVNO EDUKATIVNI CENTAR ZA MENTALNO NEDOVOLJNO RAZVIJENE OSOBE – KEC MNRO  and works with people with intellectual disabilities. 

The Creative Educational Center for People with Development Disabilities is a non-governmental non-profit organization, established in 2002, is devoted to designing programming for young adults with developmental disabilities so that they continue to be challenged and engaged in adulthood. All of our programs attempt to create partnerships with the immediate and wider community in order to help each beneficiary realize their own potential, talents and strengths. 

KEC MNRO’s expert team, comprised of professionals from various fields (special education, rehabilitation, psychology, pedagogy, medicine, sociology, arts and theology), in collaboration with their parents, organize various forms of creative and educational workshops in the day center. Through our employment program we aim to find an appropriate work placement position for each of our beneficiaries. It is our belief that through work our beneficiaries make their contribution to society and mark their place in it. 

KEC MNRO’s goals are:
1. Welfare of people with intellectual disabilities (PID), people with disabilities (PWD) and people with developmental disabilities; 
2. Improving the quality of life for PID, PWD and other marginalized groups; 
3. Prevention of social isolation and institutionalization; 
4. Providing psycho-social support; 
5. Encouraging integration and social inclusion; 
6. Advancing work engagement and employment;
7. Realizing human rights. 

Learn more about them here:

Adresa:  Kraljevića Marka 4, Beograd
Tel. +381 11 2415107


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