About the Placement...

Country: Ukraine

Partner Organization: L'Arche Ukraine 

Work Placement: Work at either L'Arche Ukraine or Lviv Education Foundation 

Length: 13 weeks

Live in Eastern Europe and witness the courage of the Western Ukrainian people as they strive to build an independent country! You will work alongside adults with physical and intellectual disabilities and young Ukrainians who are creating dignified work for them. You might also spend time in a local orphanage animating programs and daytrips. Discover the rich heritage of the Ukrainian people as they open their hearts to you and welcome you into their homes!

Check out the life of an Intercordian in the Ukraine.

L’Arche Ukraine

Shared Community for People Living with Intellectual Disabilities

L’Arche Ukraine is now operating in 40 different countries round the world, L'Arche works closely with people with an intellectual disability so that each person can play their full role in society. L'Arche is a springboard of opportunity where members with and without disabilities get the support to discover, develop and share their unique - and often hidden- talents. Individuals are invited to share fully in community life, in both residential and non-residential settings, as suited to specific needs and hopes. L’Arche Ukraine was founded in 1992 by Canadian Zenia Kushpeta, former concert pianist and Queens University and Royal Conservatory of Music instructor. Starting with humble means and modest goals, the L'Arche community was founded in Lviv in western Ukraine. Today there are 4 workshops and one home. The workshops or maysterni are located in different areas of Lviv and produce jewellery, candles, textiles and pottery which offer opportunities for creating meaningful work as well as an expression of the often unrecognized gifts of people with intellectual disabilities. Intercordia students will fulfill their work placement in a maysterni in Lviv.

The Lviv Education Foundation

 Youth Civil Society Organization
- Ukraine

Lviv Education Foundation was founded to provide young Ukrainian students with the opportunity to become more familiar with the social problems in Lviv and give them the opportunity to make a difference. The mission of LEF is to support humanistic, moral and ethical values through educational activities that will create favorable conditions for the development of Ukrainian civil society. They invite students to propose projects, which are implementing innovative directions in the social, educational and cultural spheres and which raise the educational and moral level of youth, improve the social economic situation of Ukrainian citizens and develop a tolerant environment regardless of physical abilities, social status and religion. Intercordia participants will work alongside Ukrainian young people of a similar age and volunteer in centres for persons with a disability, orphanages, women’s shelters, centres for the homeless and other projects currently supported by LEF.

Learn more about the Lviv Foundation.


“Intercordia completely re-framed how I look at the world and “development work” in particular. It helped open my eyes to what it means to “help” someone – and showed me that one of the most important things you can give to someone is your attention and care. Mostly though, it showed me that often what you receive from those you had meant to help is far more than you could ever give in return.”

(Jenny | Kings University College | Ukraine 2010)