Mentors reflecting on change

Mentors reflecting on change and leadership

Intercordia mentors complete formal reflections in community with each other. These reflections are a new addition to the mentorship role. They have been added as a reflection of the way that the mentorship program is one of growth and development for mentors as leaders and as people interested in learning how to engage in the world in a meaningful way.

It is also a way to live alongside participants in a way that is similar to them – also engaging in a reflective process, considering and reflecting on leadership practices and one’s own growth.

Here we share an excerpt from one of the mentor reflections:

Recognizing this instinct and tendency in myself to lean toward harmony and then discussing that with others, makes me feel pretty vulnerable. Maybe it’s my love/hate relationship with that part of me. Possibly because we often view our own strengths as insignificant, and admire and favour the strengths we see in others that we do not see within ourselves. And because offering up my weaknesses, writing them down for others to see, allows others to get a glimpse into how I fear I might fail or be failing.

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