The Long Way Home: Ecuador

Ecuador Blog Post by Sarah, mentor

The Long Way Home
Entering a blustery August here in Ecuador means saying goodbye to the last of the first nine Intercordians that arrived almost three months ago with open minds and open hearts, ready to experience Ecuador in a way that most visitors never will. The last two Intercordians in country, Marina and Stefania, have already taught me so much about what it means to ‘live with’ and not ‘do for’. As we prepare for Stefania’s departure, I am humbled to know that the experience she takes home will forever change how people look at Ecuador. Her experience here, while far from easy, has left her with an attitude of gratefulness and humility that we can all learn from and an understanding of difference that is remarkable. I know that whether or not Stefania comes back to Ecuador physically, she will always carry her family and her placement in her heart.

As Marina completes the first half of her personal journey here in Ecuador, I love getting to hear her and Stefania grow and share together their experiences from different host families, different placements, and different towns in Ecuador. The knowledge sharing between these two is proof enough that the values of not only Intercordia, but of community and family that are so important here in Ecuador will be carried on by these two ladies and the other eight Intercordians who are already at home sharing their experiences.



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