Your University

Welcome to Intercordia Canada at YOUR Canadian Universities and Colleges!

If your university is not partnered with Intercordia, don't worry - Intercordia is excited to welcome all students enrolled in any Canadian University or College!


Who is eligible? Any student enrolled in a Canadian university or college who is interested in the Intercordia experience! You can apply for any of our programs! We are happy to discuss with you how to make our program work for you! Please email us to discuss how it will work:

Program: You could have the option to go to any of our placements!

Fundraising: Intercordia is committed to supporting you in your fundraising effort.

Academic component: If you would like to gain an academic credit, it is your responsibility to seek approval for course credit from your academic advisor or a professor in your department. Universities (and faculties or departments within a university) have different rules regarding independent study and credits. Approval may depend on your major and the number and type of credit hours you need to complete your degree requirements. For more details, email Jessica, and she will send you the information you need to talk to your professor about this possibility.