Intercordia Placements

Where do you feel pulled?

The Intercordia Invitation

Intercordia's invitation to you is to 'live with and not do for' those you will be sharing life with- in placements in the Global South and L'Arche communities in Canada. We ask you to enter the lives of a particular host family or community, living in a particular part of the world, with a specific history and way of living. We invite you to live in solidarity and engage in the uncomfortable work of bearing witness and learning from, rather than rushing to fix or assume. 

In placements in the Global South: Intercordians live with a host family in their home, sharing day to day life. Intercordians engage in a volunteer work placement in a community organization, doing small tasks that are asked of them. Intercordians are accompanied by a mentor who is in placement with them, facilitating reflections, supporting them in ways they need and asking them to always go deeper in their learning and being with.

In placements in a L'Arche community in Canada: Intercordians live in a L'Arche community, in a home sharing life with those with and without intellectual disabilities. Your daily life will look different depending on the community in which you live. 

This is our invitation to you. 

Country: Bosnia & Herzegovina

Partner: Omladinski Centar

Youth Centre for Inter-religious Peace Building

You will volunteer during the week to develop and animate programming for children at the Omladinski Centre. One of the main goals of the Centre is to encourage youth to take major roles in peace building as an alternative to the separatism, polarization, and politicization they’ve been raised with. The Centre is situated on the cease-fire line in a location perceived as safe for people from both sides of the community.

Country: Canada

Partner: L'Arche Canada

Living and working in intentional community with people with disabilities

L’Arche was founded in 1964 by Canadian humanitarian and social visionary, Jean Vanier (who also founded Intercordia). Distressed by the institutionalization, isolation and loneliness of people with developmental disabilities. You can choose from L'Arche communities all over Canada and live and work in intentional community with core members (people with intellectual disabilities) and other assistants. Daily activities are different in each community. Learn more here.

Country: Dominican Republic

Partner: Federacion de Campesinos Hacia el Progreso 

Farmer’s Organization for Food Sovereignty, Environmental Sustainability, and Rural Economic Development

The Federacion de Campesinos Hacia el Progreso is a federation of farmers in the mountainous region of Bonao, Dominican Republic. Their work combines socio-economic development with good stewardship of the environment. You will volunteer with the campesinos and share in life with the communities where you live. Learn more here.

Country: Ecuador

Partner: Fundacion Retro Internacional (FRI)

Organization for Intercultural Exchange, Indigenous Sovereignty and Cultural Preservation

FRI programs facilitate sociocultural processes in which the participants learn to develop a critical conscience, as well as an understanding and respect for other cultures that respect unites us all and makes us responsible for the realities of and solutions to the currently existing problems in the world. Your will live with a host family in the mountains of Ecuador and volunteer during the week at a community-based organization such as a daycare or health centre. Learn more here.

Country: Ghana

Partner: Godwin Agudey, Founder of Anmchara International School

Assist at Nursery, Primary and Junior Secondary Public Schools

The Anmchara International School was founded in January 2002 on the veranda of a house in a remote, rural village named Sega by Godwin Agudey. Sega serves as the home base and a source of inspiration for Intercordia students who will be volunteering in schools within 20 kms from Sega and living with host families in neighbouring communities. Placements in Ghana include a community on an island in the Volta River. Learn more here.

Country: Honduras

Partner: International Youth Cultural Exchange (IYCE)

Youth Organization for Peace Building and Intercultural Exchange

The International Cultural Youth Exchange (ICYE) is an international non-profit youth exchange organization promoting youth mobility, intercultural learning and international voluntary service. Learn more here.

Country: Rwanda

Partner: Ubumwe Community Centre

Education Centre for Children and Adults with Disabilities

The Ubumwe Centre, located in Gisenyi, on Lake Kivu, on the western border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo, is a centre where adults with disabilities and their children are given an alternative to living on the streets and where they can be educated, learn skills, work and ultimately take control of their lives. You will live with a host family in the community and volunteer at the centre or inclusive school. Learn more here.

Country: Ukraine

Partner: L’Arche Ukraine

Shared Community for People Living with Intellectual Disabilities

There are 4 workshops and one home. The workshops or maysterni are located in different areas of Lviv and produce jewellery, candles, textiles and pottery which offer opportunities for creating meaningful work as well as an expression of the often unrecognized gifts of people with intellectual disabilities. Intercordia students will fulfill their work placement in a maysterni in Lviv.

Partner: The Lviv Education Foundation

 Youth Civil Society Organization

Lviv Education Foundation was founded to provide young Ukrainian students with the opportunity to become more familiar with the social problems in Lviv and give them the opportunity to make a difference. The mission of LEF is to support humanistic, moral and ethical values through educational activities that will create favorable conditions for the development of Ukrainian civil society. Learn more here.

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