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International Youth Cultural Exchange (IYCE)

Youth Organization for Peace Building and Intercultural Exchange
- Honduras

The International Cultural Youth Exchange (ICYE) is an international non-profit youth exchange organization promoting youth mobility, intercultural learning and international voluntary service. ICYE organizes long and short-term exchanges combining home stays with voluntary service in a variety of community service projects in more than 34 countries around the world. ICYE is an experience-based programme to enhance young people’s intercultural understanding and commitment to peace and justice. ICYE works in partnership with Intercordia Canada to provide work placements and host families for our participants.

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Federacion de Campesinos Hacia el Progreso 

Farmer’s Organization for Food Sovereignty, Environmental Sustainability, and Rural Economic Development
- Dominican Republic

The Federacion de Campesinos Hacia el Progreso is a federation of farmers in the mountainous region of Bonao, Dominican Republic. Their work combines socio-economic development with good stewardship of the environment. The Federation is the result of the struggle waged by hundreds of villagers residing in that area, when they faced devastating actions resulting from the construction of the White River Dam, the attempts to exploit a gold mine in El Higo and the ravages of Hurricane David. The desire of the members of the Federation to actively care for, and become stewards of, the environment resulted in the undertaking of projects in: compost production, raising chickens, goats and rabbits, the establishment of a greenhouse, active participation in reforestation activities, fire control and reporting of tree felling. These activities allowed the community to see that they could work towards undertaking larger projects collectively.

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Fundacion Retro Internacional

Organization for Intercultural Exchange, Indigenous Sovereignty and Cultural Preservation
- Ecuador

FRI facilitates non-formal educational programs that allow participants to experience life in another culture. By living with a local host family, participating in observational visits to nearby communities, and volunteering with different kinds of organizations, our participants learn about Ecuadorian culture, community development, adaptability, time management, independence and, hopefully, so much more. FRI programs facilitate sociocultural processes in which the participants learn to develop a critical conscience, as well as an understanding and respect for other cultures that respect unites us all and makes us responsible for the realities of and solutions to the currently existing problems in the world. As such, FRI facilitates international volunteer programs and internships that have the goal of building peace world wide.

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Ubumwe Centre

Education Centre for Children who are Deaf and Adults with Disabilities
- Rwanda

The Ubumwe Centre, located in Gisenyi, on Lake Kivu, on the western border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo, is a centre where adults with disabilities and their children are given an alternative to living on the streets and where they can be educated, learn skills, work and ultimately take control of their lives. The Centre serves more than 130 children and adults with counselling, primary education, vocational training and workshop employment. The Centre also provides a mid-day meal for all participants. The Centre teaches sign language to the hearing impaired and recently opened a preschool for children 3 – 6 years old. Due to demand, the Centre has expanded to serve members of the non-disabled community, offering computer and literacy classes. Founding Story: The Centre was founded on a friendship that was forged following the genocide between Frederic, a man mutilated during the genocide and Zachary, whose family had been killed. The two men met in an orphanage and chose to move beyond the anger and hate they experienced towards forgiveness and to reach out to others who had suffered like themselves. Over the years the Centre’s activities shifted to meet the needs of all people with disabilities in their community.

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The Anmchara International School

Rural Nursery, Primary and Junior Secondary Schools
- Ghana

The Anmchara International School was founded in January 2002 on the veranda of a house in a remote, rural village named Sega. Sega is a small village in eastern Ghana, lying on the Atlantic coast about 100KM east of the capital city Accra, near the relaxing beach resort town, Ada. Most of the residents in Sega are farmers and fishermen belonging to the Ga-Adangbe tribe. The School was founded by a Ghanaian man, Godwin Agudey, with a passion for teaching and a desire to live a life of meaning. Since the humble establishment of the Anmchara International School, the school has grown to include a nursery, primary and junior secondary schools, as well as a kitchen and dining hall where over 300 students are taught and fed every day. Anmchara serves as the home base as well as a source of inspiration for Intercordia students who will be placed in schools within 20 kms from Sega.

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Omladinski Centar

Youth Centre for Inter-religious Peace Building
- Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Gornji Vakuf Uskoplje Youth Centre was founded in 1996, soon after the signing of the Dayton peace agreement that ended the war. One of the main goals of the Centre is to encourage youth to take major roles in peace building as an alternative to the separatism, polarization, and politicization they’ve been raised with. Because the school systems of the town had been divided, there was not a single space in all of Gornji Vakuf where young people, their parents, and teachers could meet. The Centre is situated on the cease-fire line in a location perceived as safe for people from both sides of the community. While organized around the needs of the young people who participate in its programs, the Youth Centre naturally draws in parents and teachers from both sides of town, giving them a safe place to interact. The Centre conducts a variety of classes, training programs, workshops, camps, and collaborative projects with other domestic and international NGOs.

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L’Arche Ukraine & the Lviv Education Foundation

Shared Community for People Living with Intellectual Disabilities & Youth Civil Society Organization
- Ukraine

L’Arche Ukraine is now operating in 40 different countries round the world, L'Arche works closely with people with an intellectual disability so that each person can play their full role in society. L'Arche is a springboard of opportunity where members with and without disabilities get the support to discover, develop and share their unique - and often hidden- talents. Individuals are invited to share fully in community life, in both residential and non-residential settings, as suited to specific needs and hopes. 

Lviv Education Foundation was founded to provide young Ukrainian students with the opportunity to become more familiar with the social problems in Lviv and give them the opportunity to make a difference. The mission of LEF is to support humanistic, moral and ethical values through educational activities that will create favorable conditions for the development of Ukrainian civil society. 

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