About the Placement...

Country: Canada

Partner Organization: L'Arche Canada

Work Placement: Live and work in a L'Arche community with core members - people with intellectual disabilities - and assistants - live in staff - and share in daily life and the responsibilities of community life

Length: 13 weeks

Funding: L'Arche provides a $2000 bursary to Intercordia participants at the end of the 13 week placement

Live and work alongside people both with and without intellectual disabilities in one of 30 L’Arche communities located in towns and cities from Cape Breton to Vancouver! You will live in a home with people with disabilities and assistants, sharing daily life. At L’Arche, people who have an intellectual disability teach us daily about the beauty of simple and true relationships.

About the Partner...

L'Arche Canada

L’Arche was founded in 1964 by Canadian humanitarian and social visionary, Jean Vanier. Distressed by the institutionalization, isolation and loneliness of people with developmental disabilities, Jean Vanier invited two men from an institution to live with him in a small house. He called the house ‘‘L’Arche,’’ a French word for ‘‘the ark’’ in the biblical story of Noah and the flood. L’Arche grew quickly and spread around the world, attracting many young people who wanted to help and open new homes and workshops. L’Arche began in Canada in 1969. Today, there are over 130 L’Arche communities in 34 countries on six continents. All of these communities are part of the International Federation of L’Arche Communities. People who have developmental disabilities and those who come to assist, share every day life and daytime activities together in family-like settings that are integrated into local neighbourhoods. Canada has nearly 200 homes and workshops or day programs. These are grouped into what L’Arche calls ‘‘communities.’’An environment is created where people can reach their full potential, lead lives rich in relationships of mutuality, and have a valid place in society where they can contribute.

Learn more about L’Arche: larche.ca and L’Arche Canada on Facebook