• Bosnia & Herzegovina

About the Placement...

Country: Bosnia & Herzegovina

Partner Organization: Omladinski Centar

Work Placement: Volunteering at a summer camp at the community centre organizing and facilitating activities for youth from the community

Length: 13 weeks

You will design and animate programs for up to 150 local children between the ages of 5 and 15. Local Bosnian Muslim and Christian Croatian families will welcome you into their homes!

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About the Partner...

Omladinski Centar

Youth Centre for Inter-religious Peace Building

The Gornji Vakuf Uskoplje Youth Centre was founded in 1996, soon after the signing of the Dayton peace agreement that ended the war. One of the main goals of the Centre is to encourage youth to take major roles in peace building as an alternative to the separatism, polarization, and politicization they’ve been raised with. Because the school systems of the town had been divided, there was not a single space in all of Gornji Vakuf where young people, their parents, and teachers could meet. The Centre is situated on the cease-fire line in a location perceived as safe for people from both sides of the community. While organized around the needs of the young people who participate in its programs, the Youth Centre naturally draws in parents and teachers from both sides of town, giving them a safe place to interact. The Centre conducts a variety of classes, training programs, workshops, camps, and collaborative projects with other domestic and international NGOs.


“Intercordia is so much more than an exchange experience in a foreign country. It is a way of life, a way of thinking. It is a commitment to listening with our ears and with our hearts. It is recognizing weaknesses and brokenness in ourselves and others; thereby, learning about and recognizing our common humanity. Intercordia proved to me that the change we need in this world will come through relationship, acceptance and love.”

(Vanessa | Kings University College | Bosnia 2006)