Federacion de Campesinos Hacia el Progreso 

Farmer’s Organization for Food Sovereignty, Environmental Sustainability, and Rural Economic Development
- Dominican Republic

The Federacion de Campesinos Hacia el Progreso is a federation of farmers in the mountainous region of Bonao, Dominican Republic. Their work combines socio-economic development with good stewardship of the environment. The Federation is the result of the struggle waged by hundreds of villagers residing in that area, when they faced devastating actions resulting from the construction of the White River Dam, the attempts to exploit a gold mine in El Higo and the ravages of Hurricane David. The desire of the members of the Federation to actively care for, and become stewards of, the environment resulted in the undertaking of projects in: compost production, raising chickens, goats and rabbits, the establishment of a greenhouse, active participation in reforestation activities, fire control and reporting of tree felling. These activities allowed the community to see that they could work towards undertaking larger projects collectively.



Stories from the Heart

Stories from the heart:  “Intercordia allowed me an opportunity to put the stepping-into-another’s-shoes theory into practice. At least in part, my experience living with my host-family in the Dominican Republic humbled me by allowing for a sense of reflexivity of my own cultural roots, as well as empowered me to be even more open and accepting of various cultures, no matter what a person’s belief, faith or lifestyle. To everything we must grant a deeper story, rather than simply accepting what is on the surface as-is”

(Daniel | St Thomas University | Dominican Republic 2009)

Be welcomed into warm Dominican families living in the heart of the island’s Western mountains! You will work alongside campesinos struggling collectively for a better life. Work on a farm, support the coffee cooperative, participate in the re-forestation brigades and learn about food security. Two and three month placements available.

Check out a day in the life of an Intercordian in the DR.