About the Placement...

Country: Ecuador

Partner Organization: FRI

Work Placements: Volunteering in daycares, schools or health centres

Length: 8 weeks / 13 weeks

Live in the mountainous Northern region of Ecuador, which is home to the Kichwa indigenous people! Work alongside Ecuadorians teaching in a rural school or daycare, supporting people with disabilities, working on a farm or in a rural health clinic. Discover the beauty of the Kichwa people who are reclaiming their traditional ways and language!

Check out the life of an Intercordian in Ecuador.

About the Partner...

Fundacion Retro Internacional

Organization for Intercultural Exchange, Indigenous Sovereignty and Cultural Preservation

FRI facilitates non-formal educational programs that allow participants to experience life in another culture. By living with a local host family, participating in observational visits to nearby communities, and volunteering with different kinds of organizations, our participants learn about Ecuadorian culture, community development, adaptability, time management, independence and, hopefully, so much more. FRI programs facilitate sociocultural processes in which the participants learn to develop a critical conscience, as well as an understanding and respect for other cultures that respect unites us all and makes us responsible for the realities of and solutions to the currently existing problems in the world. As such, FRI facilitates international volunteer programs and internships that have the goal of building peace world wide.


“Intercordia was meaningful for me because it challenged me to break down barriers within myself. It taught me humility, and the beauty of being still and simply listening to another’s story. Most significantly, it allowed me to master my fears and the opportunity to stand hand in hand, in solidarity with people who were radically different from myself but who later become my family.”

(James | University of St Michael’s College | Ecuador 2007)