About the Placement...

Country: Ghana

Partner Organization: Anmchara International School

Work Placement: Assisting with teaching and other tasks in public elementary and junior high schools

Length: 13 weeks / longer

Live in small rural villages in Southern Ghana with families whose livelihood is maintained by farming and fishing. Teach English and other subjects in a local school alongside trained Ghanaian staff.

Check out a day in the life of an Intercordian in Ghana.


About the Partner...


The Anmchara International School

The Anmchara International School was founded in January 2002 by Mr. Godwin Agudey on the veranda of a house in a remote, rural village named Sega. Sega is a small village in eastern Ghana, lying on the Atlantic coast about 100KM east of the capital city Accra, near the relaxing beach resort town, Ada. Most of the residents in Sega are farmers and fishermen belonging to the Ga-Adangbe tribe. The School was founded by a Ghanaian man, Godwin Agudey, with a passion for teaching and a desire to live a life of meaning. Since the humble establishment of the Anmchara International School, the school has grown to include a nursery, primary and junior secondary schools, as well as a kitchen and dining hall where over 300 students are taught and fed every day. Anmchara serves as the home base as well as a source of inspiration for Intercordia students who will be placed in schools within 20 kms from Sega.

“Intercordia. This has become an important word in my life. One that represents growth, change, fear, extraordinary love, discovery, family, and struggle. That and so much more that is impossible to put into words. Intercordia shifted my understanding of poverty, development, and working for change. I had always felt that I needed to be doing more, making a difference in this world full of struggle. Intercordia taught me the importance of connection, solidarity and true personal understanding. The small things that are really so much bigger than we understand in the process of making this world better.”

(Hannah | Carleton University | Ghana 2010)