About the Placement...

Country: Rwanda

Partner Organization: The Ubumwe Community Centre and House of Children School

Work Placement: Spend time volunteering at the community centre that serves people with physical and intellectual disabilities by providing crafts, music and sewing programming or assist in inclusive classrooms in the primary school

Length: 13 weeks / longer

About the Partner...

Ubumwe Centre

Community Centre for Children and Adults with Physical and Intellectual Disabilities and Visual Impairment and a School that Focuses on Inclusive Education


The Ubumwe Centre, located in Gisenyi, on Lake Kivu, on the western border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo, is a centre where adults with disabilities and their children are given an alternative to living on the streets and where they can be educated, learn skills, work and ultimately take control of their lives. The Centre serves more than 130 children and adults with counselling, primary education, vocational training and workshop employment. The Centre also provides a mid-day meal for all participants. The Centre teaches sign language to the hearing impaired and recently opened a preschool for children 3 – 6 years old. Due to demand, the Centre has expanded to serve members of the non-disabled community, offering computer and literacy classes. Founding Story: The Centre was founded on a friendship that was forged following the genocide between Frederic, a man mutilated during the genocide, and Zacharie, whose family had been killed. The two men met in an orphanage and chose to move beyond the anger and hate they experienced towards forgiveness and to reach out to others who had suffered like themselves. Over the years the Centre’s activities shifted to meet the needs of all people with disabilities in their community.


Discover the beauty of the small country of Rwanda!  You will teach alongside trained Rwandan staff in an elementary school or work alongside Rwandans in a center for adults with disabilities in the Western city of Gisenyi. You will be welcomed into a warm home by a Rwandan family and learn about community and culture.

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